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Cryo-Cell International, Inc.

Executive Summary Cryo-Cell is undervalued with a potential 2-7x return on investment within 1-3 years. The money-making opportunity exists because of the company’s nano-cap size and the CEO’s furtive handling of a material contract with Duke University. We think the stock is at an inflection point because the management has recently started disclosing and marketing … Continue reading Cryo-Cell International, Inc.

Photocure ASA

Trade Execution It’s difficult for US investors to access this stock. Here’s a comparison of how different major brokers can access the stock: Interactive Brokers: The stock is listed on OSE but you have to route the trade through OMXNO to place the trade. Commission is about 49NOK. Charles Schwab: You can buy the OTC … Continue reading Photocure ASA

AudioEye – Loved by both Growth and Value Investors

Disclosure: we own the stock. Description AudioEye is a fast-growing SaaS company that trades at a valuation even making value investors salivate. The company has been written up by Ares on VIC not long ago. The author has done a good job to highlight the growth trend of the company. However, very recently, there has … Continue reading AudioEye – Loved by both Growth and Value Investors

100-Bagger Microcap Case Study

Printable PDF version is here: click to download 100-baggers are possible in the microcap realm. Upon studying a list of 100-baggers (see appendix), I have found some common factors these companies share. Although case studies like this tend to be interpreting success stories from the hindsight, I believe we can learn something and apply it … Continue reading 100-Bagger Microcap Case Study


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